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Gyro kinesis exercise (a stomach)

It is the exercise that + to turn to + right and left to bend

to the + right and left side to miss after + rounding seven

movement that are the element of a natural work of the

backbone, a body forward performs without unreasonableness like

the wave which continues hitting turning it while being

conscious of the correct position of the pelvis.

When a muscle and the organ of the depths part of the body

catch the stimulation, please synchronize breathing.

"Maintain a physical core well without is tense, and stopping

breath; and is the point that is が importance by the movement

such as rotation / a spiral / the curve smoothly".

Please tighten a part to be worried about.

I may resemble exercise of the yoga rather than exercise such

as a dance or the swimming.

It is shallow and sits on a chair and opens both legs greatly.

The tip of a foot - knee please feel that inside of a thigh

does stretch toward the outside. Put up a pelvis, and grow the

back, and the face turns to the front; and in normal posture.

Please put the both hands on the thigh.

I absorb breath and turn a body in order of a pelvis - abdomen

(a waist) - chest - head while I am right behind and intend to

look back, and vomiting breath. Please move the shoulder with a

chest. Please have consciousness to raise the back on the top

to get nervous when I turn the head of the screw. (I keep the

position of the left leg which I attach the left hand to the

inside of the left thigh, and is apt to enter inward)

Please become the normal posture if I finish vomiting while

absorbing breath. I absorb breath successively, and please go

to the other side equally. It is five sets with one set of

right and left.

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