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Gyro kinesis exercise (upper arm / a back / a stomach)

I push it forward with both legs and sit on the floor. With

both tip of a foot as the top, I return it so that I cross both

hands, and a palm turns before, and please grow it. I incline a

pelvis behind and round a stomach - back with a stone and a

feeling pulled behind from a navel as much as possible while I

absorb breath, and pushing a palm before while vomiting.

I absorb breath, and please grow both tip of a foot. I lift the

both hands which I grew while vomiting breath on the top and I

bend a back and watch it on slippage front. I tighten buttocks

then and squeeze a stomach and I knock over a pelvis before and

bend a back in order of a ... abdomen (a navel) - chest - head

and finish vomiting breath.

I absorb breath successively, and please take down both hands.

I put up both tip of a foot while vomiting breath, and the left

leg is light, and the right leg bends a knee slightly forward,

and a twist does the upper part of a person's body in the left

from a pelvis. The left hand please make the fingers the floor

toward a waist behind the left waist. The right hand assigns a

palm to the outside of the left thigh, and the glance please

look at the floor of the left next.

I absorb breath and put up a face while vomiting and squeeze

the physical whole slowly. I put it on the floor so that the

fingers of both hands turn to the outside, and the upper part

of a person's body turns it to the top with a feeling to

lengthen slowly little by little and finishes vomiting breath.

I return to one or two, and please have the opposite right side

of three or four. It repeats itself in turn and does five sets.

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