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It is a folding arms exercise waist behind

I cross an arm behind a back, and it is exercise it takes it in

in an everyday habit, and it stands, and to perform.

(Because I am easy to take the burden that it is impossible

for a waist to do when a seat performs it, I am to watch out)

I revise casual habit and posture at the time on the monkey

walk that suffered from the stoop-style nearly falling forward

that the back of the pause when I am apt to fall into by desk

work became round day and make it easy I let you do a physical

core part well, and to keep appropriate posture.

I cross an arm of where I relax the shoulder and am easy to

turn a hand to behind on the top, and opposite daringly, please

rearrange it first.

It is an important point to finish a well-controlled firm body

while it performs exercise, and resetting the physical whole.

When open a chest greatly, the breathing is deepened with

nature; as for the aerobic exercise effect naturally.

There is possibility of the nice by-product called the up in a

position of the bust top if I always reduce both shoulders

because nature and the muscle of the chest are pulled to the


I stand straight with both legs and pull a chin with a neck

lightly in the feeling back and.

I cross both arms behind.

Please make one difficult to do the top.

I do it in the state that I made somewhat below.

Please tighten a stomach then so that a back does not bend.

I knock down the upper part of a person's body in the right

side slowly from the position of the waist while vomiting

breath. Please feel that the opposite left side lengthens

slowly then. Finally I bend it in another breath while

finishing vomiting breath.

Come back to the original position; in the other side likewise.

It turns little by little while vomiting breath with the upper

part of a person's body (so that the central - ridge of the

nose of the navel - chest becomes one line) next. While

finishing vomiting breath; to another breath right. I am

restored and turn equally to the other side.

Repeat two of the above; and five sets. But the number of times

line to think to be comfortable when I felt like it anywhere


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