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Hypothermia cancellation

As for it is made noise, but getting cold decreases metabolism,

and the hypothermia of the woman causing the corpulence


As for the basal metabolism, the temperature of the internal

organs decreases 12% whenever it falls 1 degree Celsius. As for

the built-in temperature, 4 degrees Celsius fall when they take

cold drink of one cup of glass. Health is restored immediately,

but cold becomes chronic, and it is it to a bad body of the

metabolism when I continue living a life to cause cold for

various causes.

The boots that the cause of the cold limits overuse of the air-

conditioning, bathing only for showers, the movement of the


It is important that I can warm up without cooling a body with

the socks which a stomachband and toes going to bed were

divided into physically.

The drink chooses the hot drink, and the bathing seems to soak

in a bathtub as much as possible. It is recommended that the

person wearing boots well performs stretch to move a joint in a


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Chlorogenic acid

The ingredient that the chlorogenic acid is included a lot in

straight coffee beans before the roast with a kind of the


I adjust the insulin which changes blood unnecessary sugar into

a fat cell.

Most of the diabetes a study to hold the onset in check

attracts attention. I am attracting attention as the ingredient

which a diet effect can expect from a work to such an insulin.

From straight coffee, I can take in the well known caffeine as

a diet ingredient at the same time.

In other words I can expect an enzyme / synergy with the action

to pressure the insulin of the chlorogenic acid with the action

of caffeine letting lipase activate to work on to promote

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Purple turmeric

Turmeric purple as for another name of the zedoary. In turmeric

said to have it of about 50 kinds all over the world, it is the

one of the turmeric and the crude drugs which it lines up, and

even Japan is got close to for a long time, and have been

valued high in turmeric and spring in autumn used to curry.

Two diet effects to be included in it attract attention.

At first it is said that I drain blood unnecessary cholesterol

in an ingredient called the cineol.

Furthermore, I drain the waste material which collected to the

bowels forth comparatively in a short time and there are many

ingredients such as camphor and the azulene which there is an

effect in doing the work of the stomach and intestines lively

and is included.
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Interlock exercise

"Interlock exercise" is released against "Billy boot camp" by

Captain Japanese Billy!

Tony tea of a choreographer is Captain Billy for Japan with a


A human trunk seems to exercise to a beat of music without I am

different from Billy, and using a tool.

It seems to be the exercise that it is possible to 0-100 years

old while I become pregnant when I include it♪
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