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A partner of the vinegar according to the corpulence type

・I gain weight and type water

 The type that is ill-conditioned if it is easy to be swelled,  
 and weather is bad. There is many you in a woman, and it is

 bad constitution of the metabolism that it collects water in

 the body, and is easy to be crowded. The person of this type

 is apt to feel unnecessary water and toxin to a body. I power

 it up if I take in azuki and bad makeup.

・The type that blood circulation has bad

 If is a woman; the person of the menstrual irregularity. That

 feel the cold of hands and feet together, and there is much

 stress that a bear is easy to have with an eye man and woman;

 if there is a symptom; this type. It does a serious matter to

 make the blood circulation better, and a person of this type

 is quiet, and a cuttlefish, a saffron, a dyer's saffron, the

 soup of the fish and shellfish are recommended. In addition,

 the blood circulation improves when I take in an amino acid

 of good quality.

 The good vinegar of the amino acid balance is most suitable

 in this sense. A persimmon and the soy bean are recommended

 likewise, too. Because it is the constitution that is hard to

 get sterile in three types most, the meal will keep stomach

 eight-tenth in mind.

・A type I save a waste material, and to be crowded

 These types many for the person whom I like a snack cake and

 meat and deep-fried food and do not move very much, and drink


 It is a characteristic that waste materials are easy to

 collect in the body such as acylglycerol value or


 There is a work to lower acylglycerol value and the

 cholesterol value calmly when the vinegar drinks


 As well as vinegar, soy bean and Pooh are tea said to

 decrease acylglycerol are recommended.

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The point of the vinegar diet

The basics are moderate exercise and good meals of the

nourishment balance.

With that in mind, there is a perfect timing to take vinegar.

As for the timing to take vinegar, the appetite back is

recommended. There is the danger that damages the stomach when

it is preprandial and drinks it. In addition, sleep; is

recommended just before that. If I pour boiling water into

vinegar if before I sleep, and a topping does honey and ginger

juice, a body warms. In addition, any diet is the same, but it

is important to keep moderate exercise and a good meal of the

nourishment balance in mind.
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What of the vinegar is that it is dieted?

Citric acid and the amino acid which become the main character

of the vinegar diet.

These two nutrients support a diet.

What will this unfamiliar citric acid and amino acid be?

When we eat, the glucide included in food is digested and

absorbed and changes for energy, and it is it in carbon dioxide

and water in the last. I call this cycle to repeat itself every

day "citric acid cycle" technically. Citric acid is required to

perform this cycle for lubrication. Citric acid is an essential

nutrient to move this citric acid cycle.

On the other hand, the amino acid is a nutrient constituting

protein. All protein constituting the human body is made of

amino acids. In addition, the dieting method that put an amino

acid and aerobic exercise together attracts attention.
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With the vinegar diet

It is a diet to swallow up the vinegar of around 30-50cc on


You may take vinegar with the life on, but recommend that I mix

it with the intake with the supplement and yogurt and milk and

soybean milk, vegetables and juice (the quantity is preference)

of the fruit and drink it when acidity is strong-minded and is

hard to drink it.

In addition, I divide it into twice and may drink it when once

cannot drink.
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