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When eat pasta; a cucumber, an okra, a mushroom, stem seaweed

The pasta is caloric, too. It is to eat a cucumber together to

reduce it a little. A cucumber and dried bonito and the salad

of the juice pressed from a bitter orange which I shredded do

energy metabolism lively.

In addition, it is effective for prevention of absorption of

the glucide if I make it okra pasta.

If it is the pasta of the mushroom, a calorie falls in

comparison with the other materials.

There is a feeling of full stomach if I eat the salad of the

seaweed stem boiled in sweetened soy sauce together.

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I eat a grapefruit before eating bread

The grapefruit has abundant vitamin C. And the citric acid

which is essential to a diet is included in large quantities.

Let's eat half of the grapefruits which I do not add honey and

sugar to before eating caloric bread. When I am weak in a

grapefruit, even juice of ten strawberries, a kiwi, a carrot

and a tomato and the celery is OK.
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When drink shochu; a pickled plum and vinegared food

When it drinks shochu, it is a point to warm.

Energy metabolism becomes active, and unnecessary energy is

used. Furthermore, the work doubles if I add a pickled plum.

As for the person who is weak in a pickled plum, the same

effect is provided with the vinegared food.

The vinegared food of the seaweed in particular is recommended.

Iodine included in seaweed does the work of the thyroid gland

function lively, and a diet effect is promoted.
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The fruit is careful to mixture, too

I make the banana a half of them and am effective when I eat it

together with gelidium jelly. The dietary fiber of the gelidium

jelly prevents absorption of the glucide of the banana. I use

lemon juice for a mango.

The effect of the citric acid is provided and disturbs fat


I do plum hot water to a caloric persimmon together.

The citric acid of the plum prevents absorption of the fat.
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I eat the sukiyaki with mixture of vinegar and soy sauce and lemon juice

Though I am delicious, the caloric sukiyaki stops eating with

an egg and eats in mixture of vinegar and soy sauce. The acetic

acid which I do good flavor in frank taste, and is included in

stupid Rika, vinegar promotes a diet. Please use the juice of

the lemon if weak in vinegar. The vitamin C promotes calorie

down with richness, too.
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