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A soybean milk yogurt diet

It is the diet that used "the Caspian Sea soybean milk yogurt"

which I join "Caspian Sea yogurt" got close to in European

Georgia to "soybean milk" got close to in Japan and China and


I fix environment in the bowels and the hormone balance and

promote metabolism and eat 200ml in an aim with Caspian Sea

soybean milk yogurt decreasing blood cholesterol on 1st, and

please keep a good meal of the nourishment balance in mind.

How to make soybean milk yogurt.

I add soybean milk 250ml, milk 250ml to 4-8 cups kind

tablespoons of the Caspian Sea yogurt, and please keep it at

normal temperature (20-30 degrees Celsius) after rummaging


I close the cap and am completed in winter in the summer in 8-

24 hours for 6-16 hours.

I close the cap well, and please keep it with a refrigerator.

If there is not about to be it, please make soybean milk yogurt

with it as a kind equally again.

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A soybean milk banana diet

Of the original health drink of soybean milk and the banana

make it.

It swallows up this soybean milk banana health drink to a glass

from 30 minutes to 1 hour in front of one or two cups (for one

cup, quite, 150Kcal), a meal ago on 1st, and please get a full


A soybean milk banana health drink before the supper in

particular is effective.

It is strict prohibition to swallow up the soybean milk banana

health drink for the change of the meal.

I reduce the quantity of the meal, and please keep the number

of times of the meal intact.

How to make soybean milk banana health drinks is simple.

At first please prepare soybean milk 100ml and banana 1.

It cuts a banana to around 3 centimeters and puts soybean milk

and the banana which I cut in a mixer.

The high quality protein included in soybean milk is a required

item of the diets.

And, as for the isoflavone which is included a lot in soybean

milk, there is the work that resembled female sex hormone, and

hormone balance prevents collapsing.

In addition, because the banana has abundant dietary fibers, I

dismantle textured vegetable protein and promote metabolism.

Soybean milk and the banana are indispensable items for a diet.
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