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I drink water

It is basics of smooth toxin discharge to quench in a body.

Basics of the = toxin discharge to quench a body

I cannot miss the water to drain the waste material which

collected to the body with urine / mail / sweat.

When the water of the body is short, it is a toxin, and the

blood becomes muddy, and the discharge is delayed.

It leads to quick toxin discharge to quench a body with

constant water, and metabolism always rises.

In addition, because gastric acid fades away when I drink

water, there is the effect of the appetite restraint and

controls overeating.

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A bath

The simple toxin discharge method that begins to carry away

poison of 1st for sweat.

It begins to carry away a toxin with sweat.

The friend where the toxin discharge resists bathtime. I warm

the body, and let's wash away a toxin with plentiful sweat.

The blood volumes that are spent in kidney when the blood

circulation improves increase, and the diuresis effect rises.

In addition, a blood vessel and lymphatic vessel are compressed

by the water pressure, and the swelling dissolves because the

flow of blood and the lymph fluid improves.

Because I do the work of the parasympathetic lively, as for the

relaxation effect that bathing brings, it is relieved stress.

Everyday toxin discharge cannot miss the bath where is full of

good things.
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