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Foot bath aroma

When I cannot enter the unpleasant bath just after return,

please make it the fronts of the massage.

I pour rather hot hot water as an ankle soaks in washbowls and

I drop 1.2 drops essential oil and dip the foot into there.

It is peppermint to the summertime and the foot which flushed.

For deodorant action, it is a cypress, a bergamot, a

eucalyptus, a lavender, a rosewood.

It is a lavender, a ylang-ylang, a geranium, a rose, a rosemary

to a cool foot / foot feeling heavy at.

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Swelling cancellation method / a habit

A muscle is easy to come to get tired when I do work to

continue the all day same attitude by using only the same part

of the body.

In addition, the poor blood circulation is easy to come to

happen when I keep still for a long time.

I sometimes change posture and I stretch myself in the

occasions when I stood in the restroom and do light stretch,

and let's do a device to untie the strain of the muscle as much

as possible.

Let's move the muscle of the femoral region in particular.

The muscle comes loose just to let a heel go up and down when I

sit down.

It is swelled I stimulate a sole by healthy sandals or green

bamboo covering short, and to stimulate a femoral region and a

calf with moderate stockings and socks, athletic supporter

pressuring it, and it is dissolved.

It is the best to perform aerobic exercise such as the walking

moderately, but, about the exercise, is connected to muscular

strength / basal metabolism up just to increase quantity I use

stairs without using an escalator or the elevator, and to walk.

In addition, I am simple, but become very comfortable just I

raise a foot, and to sleep.
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