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I improve an action and diet

I check an action performing casually habitually every day.

The total intake calorie of 1st lowers very much just to take

in these technique.

(1) The shopping of the meal once a day in a full stomach. I

buy food more than required and prevent it from overeating


(2) I stop a snack. The cakes which were in chocolate candy /

the small sack which started the fight from stress.

I eat three meals properly and will clear it up from


(3) It is one cup with the tea which is warm if I think that I

want to "eat a little more" during a meal slowly. I pause for

two or three minutes to control an appetite in stomach eight-


(4) A stock of the beer in discount stores is a taboo.

I taste one of them in once, and let's drink. A feeling may be

settled down to troublesomeness to go to buy it.

(5) Toothpaste after a meal a custom. An action to brush its

teeth tells appetite end-all to a body and restrains an



I diet in a lunch box

I overeat myself when I notice with the everyday meal.

Therefore it is a diet to use "a lunch box" to reduce such a


I fill the lunch box with the meal as much as possible. A thing

of the size that the lunch box to prepare matched oneself. For

example, as for the need energy of 1st, as for the intake

energy that is necessary for 1,800 kilocalorie, one meal, as

for the size of the lunch box, it is it to 600ml at 600

kilocalorie for 20 generations if it is around 158 centimeters.

This is a plain aim, but, as for the intake, as for the intake,

it is it generously if age is higher if a bit, height are

slightly high a little more (it will be good by 50ml chopping

fine if I say at the size of the lunch box).

I am on duty well next so that a dish does not work.

At first I cut down rice well, and the partitions should toe

the mark with the vegetables such as lettuces without using it.

And the combination of the cooking is staple food 3: Main

greens 1: With vice-greens 2. It is strict prohibition to put

the side dish of the same recipe (I fry it I boil it bake it).

In other words (I OK "the deep-fried food" with the main

greens, vice-greens each.) In the main greens 2 articles

of "deep-fried food" NG)

And I color it above all, and coordinate well with great


It is effective when I do the every meal to lunch in Ino hard

to please only at noon.

A slow diet

It is a dieting method to make a body without the rebound by I

take time and metabolize slowly, and improving it.

The point is "a Japanese food-centered meal" and "taking in the

nutrient which it is hard to take in in the everyday eating

habits with a supplement" and "the exercise that it is easy for

metabolism up".

The first point is the Japanese food that the meal fits

Japanese constitution most. Let's keep two or three greens

(miso soup to include) in mind three meals mainly on rice.

However, it is the thing that it is difficult to make three

meals Japanese food by the life of the usual times.

The neighborhood is all right if I keep the meal of the low

calorie in mind in the case of the menu except the Japanese

food without taking seriously.

The second point is to take in a supplement for the

insufficient nutrient supplying. A produced nutrient of the

balance is necessary for the metabolism up.

Because it cannot take in enough nutrients to rebound by a diet

reducing the quantity of the meal to, it is caused by a fall of


You must take in a necessary nutrient by all means if you want

to aim at the diet without the rebound.

The supplement which is indespensable to a diet is multivitamin

and a multi-mineral. Both the vitamins and the mineral have

various kinds, but the effects decrease unless they take in the

all. In addition, it is effective when I take in a dietary

fiber and EPC, DHA, the lecithin.

The last point is exercise.

Aerobic exercise such as walking or the air Lobi is called the

basics of the diet…

It is exercise to be able to point out muscular strength that

nothing wants you to forget it anymore. The muscle improves

metabolism and makes the body which promotes metabolism while I


I follow these three point and think the slender body which

does not rebound to be able to be available if I get thinner



A heat-contrast shock protein

I protect the heat-contrast shock protein from ultraviolet rays

or a toxic substance with the protein which a cell of the skin

possesses and restore a cell of the skin which caught the


I let the metabolism of the horny layer normalize with it, and

it is the material which it does the metabolism that declined

lively, and promote composition of the collagen.

A heat-contrast shock protein is gradually taken in for the

beauty such as cosmetics and thinks that I attract attention

from now on.

Because heat-contrast shock proteins increase, metabolism

becomes active, and it is said when fat is effective in a diet

because it is burnt.

A cushion of the frame revision

When a frame is warped, it is easy to be grown corpulent.

There is a cushion to return the frame of a destroyed body of

the balance to the right position.

I purchase it and use it.

I sit down for 15 minutes from 10 minutes on 1st and expose it

and sleep and close a pelvis and revise the expanse of a rib

and the pelvis.

The health that the frame of the body returns to the right

position by this, and was hard to get sterile may change into

the body which is easy to get thinner.


Key point push sandals

Expectation can be considered to be it, and, to a sole, a lot

of key points have an effect in the physical whole.

It is made while stimulating the part to take a physical center

of gravity inward and does a slant (a tiptoe part is slightly

higher than a heel part) upward so that it is always possible

for stretch of the legs, and please look for and the width can

adjust it to my size, too one article of the oneself


I correct the bowlegs of the leg, and let's improve the flow of

blood and the lymph fluid.

The fatigue of the foot may soften gradually, too.


I rub an ear and diet

I want to eat! It is a dieting method without stress held down

a desire to without unreasonableness.

I fold the ear of right and left into half by oneself before

from behind and confirm centerline in a mirror.

I turn a first finger fingernail towards a face next and plunge

into the earhole lightly.

It is the outside half of the ear to have to never touch tap-


Of the earhole a keyboard touches it in the stomach of the

finger slightly tap-tap a little in a department for the


I perform it once for from 3 to 5.

Please do not perform it with a pole pen or a pin nail by any


Please stop immediately if I feel sense of incongruity for an





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